Great British Cameras:

Reid & Sigrist

Company History

Reid III

Reid II

Reid I


Reid and Sigrist, a firm of aircraft instrument makers, were asked by the Government of the day to produce the Reid camera based on the Leica IIIb patents and machine drawings seized by the Allies at the end of the Second WW.

The camera was announced at the British Industries Fair of 1947 but was not actually on general sale until 1951. It is a superb camera, the engineering and finish stand comparison with any similar Leica, and many would say the 2inch f2 TTH lens is superior to the 50mm Summar and Summicron.

A very sought-after camera and a good example can justifiably lay claim to being the best 'miniature' camera the British ever made.

Lots more to say about the camera, the three models and the accessories.