Great British Cameras:


Company History


The Sida camera was made by the British Sida Company established in 1935. It is made of plastic and has an f8 lens. Unusually the shutter release runs horizontally below the shutter assembly; the lever to the side, in the expected position for the shutter release, switches between time and instantaneous exposure. The camera I have is in a box on which is printed the price of 5 shillings, sounds expensive for such a simple camera, but I don't know when that was! I know no more than that about the British version of the camera, but if you do, please email me at (delete the D from this address for it to work correctly - the D is included as a crude attempt to stop automatic SPAM!).

The camera originated in 1934 at FOTOFEX KAMERAS of Berlin (the name SIDA comes from SIeh DA which is German for 'look there') as a metal bodied camera. It was later manufactured in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Italy, France and Russia. details can be found on Regis Boissier's excellent site about Fotovex Cameras