Picture of first model of VP Twin

Great British Cameras:

VP Twin 1st Model


The first version of the VP Twin was made in black only. It difers from later models in two main areas.

Firstly, the way the back is opended. The 'normal' VP Twin has a raised lip on the front and back of the camera which form a slot into which a coin can be placed and, with a slight twist, will separate the front from the back.

The first version of the camera is not like this, it has two 'tabs' on the edge of the front of the camera (see picture, above) and one larger one on the back. The back is opened with the two first fingers on the small tabs and the thumb on the larger one acting in opposition so that the back opens.

Secondly, the lens of this first version is behind the shutter mechanism. The instructions with the camera suggest that it can be used for all photographs including portraits. It would seem this claim was a little too ambitous because in later instructions the minimum focussing distance is given as 14ft so small groups or full length shots would be far more appropriate than head and shoulders portraits.