Great British Cameras:

Wembley Sports etc

Wembley Sports



The Wembley Sports was made by Truvox, well know makers of loudspeakers and radios, and was launched at the British Industries Fair in 1950. It sold at an introductory price of £4 17s and 6d, .

Taking 120 rollfilm the camera produces 8 negatives, each 3.25 x 2.25 inches. The lens is an f11, 85m 'London Sportar'. There are three apertures: f11, f16 and f22, and three shutter speeds: 25th, 50th and 100th sec. Focussing is achieved by turning the whole lens unit which screws in and out of the body (helical focussing) with click-stops marked on the camera body at 4, 6, 13ft and infinity.

The lesser-known and rarer Arti-Six is a very similar camera which, according to Channing and Dunn, pre-dates the Wembley Sports. Perhps the name change was to capitalise on the popularity of football and the famous Wembley Stadium

Both these 120 rollfilm cameras bear a close resemblance to the smaller Photo-Magic which takes 127 (VP) size film.